Why Choose Printhead Studio?
Decades of experience, successfully meeting the needs of our customers, powered by the newest fabric printing technologies.

Superior color reproduction on truly wide width, soft fabrics

We use the most advanced dye-sublimation digital printer on the market to provide astounding color reproduction. Delivered via direct dispersion, our proprietary water based inks are infused into the fibers of the fabric instead of printed
just on top of it. Your image stays vibrant over time, even after multiple washings.

Soft fabrics offer huge advantages over the traditional stiff substrates used in UV or latex printing. In addition to being
much less expensive, shipping and handling are dramatically simplified since our prints can easily fold into a box for
transport. Wrinkles quickly stretch or steam away during installation. There is no risk of cracking or creasing and no need for
long, expensive shipping tubes.


Let our
experience guide you

We’re experts at both the
simple and the complex


Our consultative approach makes your project easier to manage. Tell us your objectives and constraints and our expert
project managers will guide you through the process, insuring the success of both your printed image and your budget.
Whether you need a simple banner or a complex 3-dimensional sculpture, our experienced fabrication teams have
done it before, and done it fast.

Decades of theatrical and event production experience have taught us how to deliver exceptional quality within tight time
constraints. We have the largest and most experienced sewing and finishing operation in the business with more than 100
stitchers working in 150,000 square feet.

Trust us for expert counsel, accurate color reproduction and finished pieces that will last.


Printhead Studio , formerly Rose Brand Digital Printing, is a division of Rose Brand. Our digital experience spans decades and
includes a wide clientele in theatre, museums, retail, TV, film, special events, church production, architecture, education,
arenas, trade shows and more.

Printhead Studio customers benefit from the enormous Rose Brand inventory of fabrics, rigging supplies, and the exceptional
sewing and finishing operation described above. No job is too big, small or complex for efficient, expert handling.

Rose Brand has been in business for over 95 years and is the leading supplier of soft goods and production supplies to the
entertainment and event industries. It has grown to a leadership position based on its ability to deliver high quality soft goods,
related services and production supplies at high speed and fair pricing.

Achieve outstanding color reproduction We use the most advanced printing technology in the industry
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