4 fabric prints installed on Tuck Track frames

Tuck Track Frames

Invisible. Easy to Customize & Install. Cost Effective.

Tuck Track framing provides a quick, easy and affordable solution for Wall or Ceiling mounted
graphics and fabric panels. The frame is completely hidden by the fabric, giving you a clean "infinity pool" edge,
and it can accommodate virtually any linear shape and size. Unlike SEG Panels, Tuck Track is not intended for installations where
the fabric panels will be removed and reinstalled. However, new or replacement fabric panels can
be installed into preexisting Tuck Track frames.

How It Works

The Tuck Track DIY system uses plastic frame extrusions, which are cut to size in the field and can easily be notched around
obstacles such as doorways, air conditioning ducts and switch plates. The fabric panels require no sewing or precise sizing. Rather,
your oversized printed fabric is pressed into a friction-tight slot around the perimeter and then trimmed to final
size once installed and properly tensioned.

Where appropriate, acoustical batting can be installed behind the fabric panels to improve the unwanted sound reflections and reverberations
in the space, yielding excellent NRC and SAA ratings. The track is available in 0.5in, 1in and 2 ‐1/8in height variations,
which allow for different thickness batting to be used.

Cost Effective

The Tuck Track DIY system is highly cost effective and it’s also reusable. It ships inexpensively and can be configured and mounted easily
If you’d like to reuse the system, simply pull out the existing printed fabric and replace it with another. Compare
it to framing systems that require dimensional shipping costs and vinyl prints that crease easily.


Tuck Track Spec Sheet

Tuck Track DIY Parts

Tuck Track top loading track

Top Load

Top Load Track

Can be used directly against a side wall since the fabric installs without requiring access to the side of the track, or where a floating panel is desired.

TUCK0010 ½" Square Top Load - Natural
TUCK0009 ½" Square Top Load - Black
TUCK0002 1" Square Top Load - Natural
TUCK000l 1" Square Top Load - Black
TUCK0015 2¼" Square Top Load - Natural

Tuck Track bottom load track

Bottom Load

Bottom Load Track

Used to wrap the frame in the printed fabric, hiding all evidence of the frame. A minimum space of 12" around the perimeter is recommended to allow for installation.

TUCK0013 ½" Square Bottom Load - Natural
TUCK0007 1" Square Bottom Load - Natural

Tuck Track mid wall track part

Mid Wall

Mid Wall Track

Used when printed panels need to be seamed together. Individual fabric panels are installed, unsewn, then pressed into the track of this common internal frame member.

TUCK0012 ½" Square Mid Wall - Natural
TUCK0011 ½" Square Mid Wall - Black
TUCK0004 1" Square Mid Wall- Natural
TUCK0003 1" Square Mid Wall - Black
TUCK0016 2¼" Square Mid Wall- Natural

CASE STUDY: Broadway's James Earl Jones Theatre Offices

Custom Printed, Acoustically Insulated, Fabric Panels Invisibly Framed With Tuck Track.

When the design team in charge of renovating and transforming Broadway’s Court Theatre into the James Earl
Jones Theatre, their vision included a printed wall treatment that would extend “seamlessly” from the basement up through
the 3rd floor. Each floor practically floats in space, mostly detached from the walls, which allows the
imagery to flow without interruption up along all four stories. Acoustic control was a primary
concern of such an open plan design... READ MORE