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If you've sent us artwork before and know the guidelines below, then please fill in the form and click Submit. You'll then be able to upload your artwork on the next page to Michael Reed, head of Printhead Studio. We can also receive files from any file transfer service that you choose, if you email us a link to your folder as well as info on your name, organization, phone, email, ship to location, and Rose Brand salesperson associated with the project. Send info to





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Software Supported

Please supply artwork as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.
  • Save images as PSD, PSB or TIFF in Photoshop and as AI or EPS for Illustrator files.

Artwork Guidelines


  • Create new artwork in CMYK. Do not convert existing RGB files to CMYK.
  • Please use Pantone Solid Coated colors when Pantone colors are necessary.
    - We can achieve a close match to the majority of Pantone colors using CMYK printing.
    - Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and other systems do not cross reference to CMYK.
    - We recommend test prints to confirm colors are correct before final production on color critical jobs.
        Let us know that you will need test prints when submitting a quote request.
    - Let us know if you will be providing a physical print or paint swatch for color matching so we do not
       begin production until we have it.

Fonts and Linked Files

  • Convert all Type to outlines in Illustrator and InDesign files.
  • Package InDesign files and include all links and fonts.
  • Do not embed raster images in Illustrator – send the linked files.


  • Bleed is additional printed material that is necessary for sewing hems or wrapping frames.
  • Please include 3" bleed on all sides to allow for sewing (minimum 1" bleed).
  • Please include 6" bleed for fully printed pipe pockets or when wrapping prints onto frames.

File Resolution and Scale

Determine the appropriate resolution for your print based on the viewing distance and usage.
  • 35 DPI at full size – viewing at 20 feet or more Theatrical backdrop, film/tv backings, scrims, large events
  • 50 DPI at full size – viewing at 5 feet to 15 feet Trade show, poster, banner, wallpaper, props.
  • 75 to 100 DPI at full size – viewing at closer than 5 feet Museum exhibit, corporate office murals

Use the chart below to determine the resolution for your file when working in a scale other than 1:1.
Viewing distance or Application Print DPI Artwork DPI for 10:1 Scale Artwork DPI for 1" Scale (12:1) Artwork DPI for 1/2" Scale (24:1)
20' + Theater Backdrop 35 350 420 840
5' to 15' Trade Show Booth 50 500 600 1200
5' or closer Museum Exhibit 75 750 900 1800
Interactive Museum Exhibit 100 1000 1200 2400
  • Sending your hard copy or electronic file to Rose Brand
    Send your hard copy reference prints, CD, DVD, USB, portable hard drive to the following address:
    Rose Brand
    Attn: Digital Printing
    4 Emerson Lane
    Secaucus, NJ 07094

    or preferably

    - Upload your electronic files quickly and securely using the form at the top of this page.