We provide amazing digital printing color reproduction on soft fabric (seamless up to 16 Ft X 140 Ft),
as well as on flooring and vinyl.

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  • Scenic backdrops
  • Stretch fabrics
  • Back lit images
  • Kabuki drops

Exterior Prints

  • Banners
  • Flags
  • Vinyl Mesh
  • Truck Wraps

Printed Flooring

  • Impact!TM
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Compression Tiles
  • Ground Cloths

Custom Fabrication

  • Custom Sewing
  • Rigging & Mechanics
  • Shapes & Forms
  • Scenery and Exhibits

Choose Your Printable Fabric or Other Substrate

We have dozens of fabrics & substrates on which we print, and we’ll help you make your selection based on
your project demands. Fabric considerations might include: color reproduction, stretch ability, sound
transmissibility, translucency, transparency, weather resistance, durability, color and texture. Some of our
most popular digitally printed substrates include:

6 oz Poplin

Lightest weight matte IFR fabric>

9 oz Poplin

Our most popular IFR fabric. >


10' wide stunning backlit effects. Film, TV, Trade Shows>

Poly Duck

Matte, woven, lightweight synthetic canvas material>

Impact™ Flooring

Durable. Use for permanent or short-term installations.>

Ballare Floor

Flexible, customizable stage and dance floor>


Poly Silk

Perfect for large Kabuki drops>


Mesh 70

Traditionally used for large outdoor events. Economical.>

Mesh 30

Traditional substitute for printed Textilene. Economical.>

Extra Wide

100% FR Cotton that is the standard for painted theater>


Traditional theater scrim; good color saturation>

Knit Canvas

Unique knit fabric has subtly textured surface that makes it>

Blow Through

Fabric alternative to vinyl mesh for outdoor use with 40%>

Power Stretch

Excellent for custom printed Stretch Shapes>