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1. Project Specification

Prior to engaging with us you might consider the following, which will define your project specifications and
enable us to provide you with a quote.
  • Date you need the prints in hand
  • Number and sizes of digitally printed pieces for the project
  • Is there different artwork for each piece?
  • Type of artwork : photographic, graphic (logo/line art), combination
  • Please review our Artwork Setup Guidelines and call to discuss artwork resolution before creating or
    purchasing artwork
  • Viewing distance from audience
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Fabric type, feel and translucency : canvas/muslin, sheer, vinyl, scrim, vinyl mesh, stretch, flooring, other (see item #2 below for details on popular fabrics)
  • Long-term use, temporary, one-time use
  • Frontlit or backlit· Edge finishing:
    - Top: unfinished, pipe pocket, webbing grommets & ties, hidden webbing & ties, other.
    - Sides: unfinished, hemmed, other
    - Bottom: unfinished, pipe pocket, other
  • Describe how the piece will be used- Theatrical, Event, Trade Show, Film/TV
  • Special requests or any additional information that we should know re how you are using the prints

2. Fabric Selection

Choose from one of our popular fabrics below or call to discuss your project with one of our digital printing
specialists. They can offer suggestions and send you digitally printed samples. We have an extensive selection
of fabrics on which to print, and we can help you match the right material and print process to your project. See
our most popular printable fabrics and substrates on our Products page.

3. Obtain a Quote

Contact one of our digital printing specialists at 877-825-6620 to discuss your project and obtain a
price quote. You can also obtain a quote by submitting your project specifications into our online application.

4. Submit your Artwork

See our Submit Artwork page for guidance on art requirements and to gain access to our upload application, which enables you to send large files quickly and easily.

5. Print & Finish

In order to help meet your expectations on certain jobs, we may provide printed test samples for you to approve
before our final printing. Once the samples have been approved we’ll print and finish your piece. In addition to
our print capability, we are the most experienced finishers / sewers in the business. This insures you of a quality
product that will last and our ability to tackle the intricate projects that almost no other company can handle.

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